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Gourley Company proudly brings Superior Radiant Products to New England. Our long history with infrared heaters gives us the ability to design heating solutions for numerous applications ranging from garages and churches to warehouses and airplane hangars. Superior Radiant Products (SRP®) is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient infrared heating solutions and is dedicated to providing superior technology and superior performance, and Gourley Co is here to find the SRP heating solution for you. Please see below for all of the available SRP products today!

Single-Stage Infrared Heaters

The Series U single stage, low intensity gas-fired infrared heaters are competitively priced and packaged to maximize configurations while minimizing inventory. With heavy-duty construction, the Series U infrared heaters feature the best overall performance in the industry. Choose from 3 different models to best suit your application needs and budget.


Heavy duty industrial/commercial infrared heater featuring the best overall performance in the industry. 40 MBH to 220 MBH rates available with 100% efficient reflector. Proven to be most efficient low-intensity heater available in North America with up to 65%* radiant factor. *Independent lab tested: EN416-2 Standard

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Enclosed burner design further enhances all of the great features of the UA for hard service applications. Post-purge function and optional 10 year tube warranty.

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Includes all of the features in a Model UX plus... the burner box is sealed for rugged, harsh environments and heat-treated aluminized is standard tube supplied. CSA approved for outdoor use.

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two-Stage Infrared Heaters

Two Stage, Low Intensity gas fired infrared tube heaters are available with ranging Btu/Hr rates and tube lengths dependent on Series. All Series are available in NG or LPG and use 100% efficient SRP Reflector. Each Series have unique burner designs to fit various applications.


The Series T, two stage, low intensity gas fired infrared heaters are competitively priced and packaged to maximize configurations while minimizing inventory. With heavy-duty construction, the Series T infrared heaters feature the best overall performance in the industry. Choose from 3 different models to best suit your application needs and budget.

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The Series LT, two stage, low intensity gas fired infrared heaters are designed for low ceiling applications with an industry leading top clearance of only 2 inches! Common applications include animal confinement, hallways and service counters. All of Superior Radiant’s Series LT units include a patented design which provides unequalled even heat distribution with end-to-end output variance of less than 15%.

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Aesthetically attractive, high-efficiency, low-intensity infrared heaters. With the lowest profile in the industry, and outputs from 30,000 to 100,000 BTU, with a hanging height of 9-16 feet. To keep you warm in both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in 3/16 marine grade stainless steel, highest grade in the industry.

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Designated specifically for commercial use. With single stage or two stage control capability, the WTS series offers high efficiency with the option of propane or natural gas. Perfect for most commercial applications.

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MODULUS® Adaptive Modulating Infrared Tube Heater

Series AM

Introducing the newest modulating infrared tube heater that truly adapts to the environment, providing optimal thermal comfort. The patent-pending Series AM combines the benefits of a fully modulating infrared heater with SRP’s 100% efficient reflector for maximum efficiency resulting in the best modulating heater on the market today.



Superior Radiant Products Premier Vacuum Systems provide the HVAC industry with a “greener choice”. The Premier Vacuum Systems provide improved comfort conditions with even heat distribution while reducing energy costs by up to 50% over conventional heating methods. With the Premier VS and NEW Premier VS-VH, designs can be custom engineered to best suit the project with long or short, condensing or non-condensing system options.


Custom engineered to precisely fit your building heat requirements.
Vacuum vented for maximum safety and operating efficiency.
Burner rates from 60,000 to 250,000 BTU/H can fill any heating need.
Up to 1.2 million BTUs on a single vacuum pump with single building penetration. Additional fuel economy of at least 5%.
Unique, patented burner design results in - precise firing rates, reduced noxious emissions, shorter tailpipe requirements, more burners in series.

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In-series burners provide even heat distribution dramatically, increasing personal comfort. Can be designed as a condensing system maximizing fuel efficiency and savings. Balanced air and fuel flow ensures complete and efficient combustion. Position tuned burners optimize efficiency while ensuring a more even heat output with patented metering technology. Reliable and safe operation with zero regulator incorporated into the burner. Minimal vent penetrations up to 600,000 btuh/system. 100% efficient SRP reflector ensures all the infrared is directed where it is needed.

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High Intensity

High intensity heaters can be used for complete, spot, and partial heating of commercial, industrial, sports facilities, and hospitality applications. High intensity heaters work with high temperatures at the ceramic surface and emit heat rays to the specified area(s).


The Series S high intensity heaters offer a wide range of direct, cost-effective heat for cold spots with burners rates from 30,000 to 160,000 btu’s. The reliable, direct spark or millivolt ignition combined with rigid, heavy duty construction is top of the industry!

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Enjoy the 60 years of improving technology from GoGaS which features their unique, signature bright radiators for increased efficiency. Find out how the Series M is a cost-effective alternative.

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The Series KMI, High Efficiency Infrared Heater has a radiant efficiency of up to 81%! It's energy-saving reflector hoods, double gas nozzle, and removeable combustion chamber are only a few features that make this infrared heater stand out against its competition.

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